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Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers is one of the latest model Cooling towers. It is specially designed with copper or aluminium finned tube to increase the heat transfer area and these towers are particularly designed for water scarce areasThe structure of a dry cooling tower typically consists of a series of finned tubes through which the hot fluid usually steam or water from industrial processes flows. The fins increase the surface area of the tubes, enhancing the heat transfer from the fluid inside the tubes to the air outside

Since Dry Cooling Tower is functioning with Air-cooling Technology, there is no need of excess water evaporation or make up is required to operate the Cooling tower. And also, the Process/Engine water/oil is directly taken from the system to Dry Cooling Tower. So the mid-Heat Exchanger is not required. When comparing with other type Cooling towers these towers are zero maintenance and long-lasting

Dry Cooling Towers are nothing but extended type radiator Cooling. The tubes are wounded with integral Aluminium or copper wire strip type fins for increasing the Heat Transfer areas. In this system the core area [Heat Transfer area] is cooled with a intake cooling Fan at the top with the help of IP 55, TEFC Electric motor in counter flow method to maximize heat transfer efficiency. The hot media [primary] will be circulated inside the tubes and the atmospheric air is used as the secondary media to cool the primary media. Since all the heat Transfer areas can be easily approach, the periodical cleaning and maintenance will be very easy. And also the replacement period is also more when comparing with other cooling Tower systems. Since oil/water is cooled by a single heat Exchanger system, cost energy cooling water and maintenance spent can be reduced, various hot media can be cooled simultaneously by the same fan using sectionalized parts.