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Timber Cooling Towers

Timber Cooling Towers

Timber Cooling Towers Manufacturer INDIA

Timber Cooling Towers are useful for air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chemical plants, chilling plants, oxygen plants and also for steel industries, cement industries and chemical industries. These depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. It can be used for which quantity of water-cooling by extending the size, then lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames. The woods used for manufacturing the Cooling Towers are completely seasoned chemically treated, lightwood. The Drift Eliminator, Fan duct, Splash bars and complete Structures are made out of the same wood.


Timber Cooling Towers are nothing then water is cooled with natural atmospheric air traveling and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles.

Timber cooling towers are a specific type of wet cooling tower made predominantly from wood, such as redwood, Douglas fir, or treated pine, which are all chosen for their natural resistance to decay and moisture. These cooling towers leverage the properties of wood along with the evaporative cooling process to manage the heat exchange efficiently

Advantages :

The main advantage of Timber cooling towers are energy saving through these system.